“Beit Shalom” Estate is a boutique hotel which was established on 100-year-old  pioneer land on the main street of Metula, a picturesque town in the north of Israel. The hotel combines modern design and old stone houses, the first houses of the farming community (moshava).

Miriam and Haim Hod-Fine have meticulously built this artistically-crafted hotel, nestled in a garden of marvelous willow trees with a cherry orchard sloping down the hill, overlooking Mt. Hermon, the Hula Valley and the Ayun Stream.

The preservation work produced ten suites that blend in with the surrounding scenery, which you can view from every corner; three luxurious suites located in an old stone house, which originally was the residence of the first pioneers in the community; and a restaurant, in which farmers meals that Miriam and Haim produce on site are served. The place also offers a spa for treatment and relaxation, and a beautiful private living room for gatherings of guests, lectures and professional meetings.

The generous and pleasant hospitality of Miriam and Haim, the breathtaking views, Ayun River Nature Reserve  that changes colours according to the seasons and which is within walking distance of the hotel, and the weather that Metula is blessed with, all make your vacation at Beit Shalom Estate a relaxing, tranquil, romantic and special experience. The guests leave with the desire for a quick return.

It should be noted that:
* The hotel is suitable only for adults (no children)
* All of our suites are non-smoking
* No pets allowed in hotel 

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