Miriam Hod

Making art since 1982

Miriam’s fiber art is a tool and language that she developed into a unique and fascinating style. Miriam’s works contain movement, color, light, resonance and word. These are the metaphoric expression tools to identify the artist.

Miriam draws her artwork from the surrounding nature, from childhood, family and historical memories, which are sometimes expressed in the frames of her works, and are chosen carefully. The material in its various shades and performances is processed, and sometimes it seems to be invented in surprising and moving compositions. Harmony of colors, fabrics and fibers which Hod creates in techniques she has developed and continues to develop, combined with gemstones, jewelry and lighting fixtures, are correspond with the light, walls and space in which the works are displayed.

For the viewer, the flow and resonance in Hod’s works take on an additional dimension while observing the work from a distance and close to experience the small details that make up them – in order to experience the meticulous works, fine detail, subtle nuances of the complexity of the sewing lines, it is necessary to physically approach the work itself, and thus the observer is found to be in a kind of intimacy and closeness to the .work

Hod is exhibiting temporary exhibitions at the Beit Shalom Gallery in Metula, alongside permanent works that are exhibited at the boutique hotel and restaurant she built with her husband, Haim Hod-Fine, in an ancient courtyard in Metulla dated 120 years ago. The two old houses of the Hod-Fein family, built in the center of Harishonim Street in Metulla by the entrance of the Ayun water fall nature reserve, were preserved and renovated with their original stones, inspiring and background to the works, as well as empowering them and presenting them over the changing space of time and nature.


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