In Arabic, the term “Shami” (شامي)  refers to a person, usually an Arab, whose origins are in Syria, Lebanon, Israel and the areas adjacent to these countries. In addition, the term is used for everything originating in this region. The “Shami” dialects of the Arabic language refer to the Arabic spoken in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and the surrounding areas. In Arabic, the name “Sham” is used as a nickname for the Land of Israel. The chef of Beit Shalom, Mustafa Salili, is from Ghajar in the Golan Heights, and specializes in the Shami cuisine.

  •  Tomato Soup – with coconut cream, ginger, salty cheese and basil oil. 35 sh
  • Baba Ganush  –  eggplant grilled  in the tabun, seasoned with raw tehini, date honey, grated tomatoes, garlic confit, smoked eggplant oil and pine nuts. 42 sh
  • Vine Leaves Musti Style –  stuffed with short grain rice and herbs in  a lemon sauce, served with sheep yogurt and mint. 42 sh
  • Lebaanese Fatoush Salad  freshly chopped ​​cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, spring onion, parsley, white cheese, grilled pita bread, seasoned with olive oil, pomegranate syrup, sumak, hyssop and roasted pine nuts. 42 sh.
  • Fatayer Hason Style  a traditional Shami dish made with thin flaky yeast pastry, stuffed with potatoes and topped with a sprinkling of hyssop. Baked in the tabun, accompanied by a fresh salad, olives, olive oil, grated tomatoes and  labneh (a thick creamy yogurt).  39/68 sh
  • Galilean Kubbeh  bulgur wheat rissoles filled with beef and pine nuts, deep fried, served with a bulgur and lentil salad, fresh salad and spicy yogurt. 42/68 sh
  • Lamb Arayes  mini whole wheat pita bread filled with lamb kebab, served with tahini and green pepper salad. 48/72 sh
  • Ottoman Tabuleh  bulgur salad seasoned with pomegranate syrup, mint, walnuts, served with ground beef and pine nuts39/68 sh
  • Cauliflower Siniyah  deep-fried cauliflower with tahini yogurt, almonds, amba (mango pickle) and grated tomatoes. 45 sh
  • Stuffed mushrooms  with cheese, labaneh, jibnah (traditional Arab cheese), walnuts, almonds ,fresh basil, cooked in a cream sauce with mozzarella cheese… 48 sh
  • Sficha Shami  an open meat pie with ground beef and tomatoes, pomegranate syrup and tahini, served on a pastry base. 62 sh
  • Lebanese Majadera  with smoked fish, served in a sweet potato which is baked on a  salt surface, served with creme fraiche42 sh
  • Tabun Grilled Vegetables  with feta cheese. 42 sh

Meat lovers- don’t miss this

 Entrecote steak 300g – dry-aged in house, served with Roast potatoes and chimichuri sauce. 138 sh

From the Asian Kitchen

Stir Fry chicken breast cooked in Sous Vide, then  stir  fried in beef stock, cream of coconut, peanut butter, served with  seasonal vegetables and  potatoes. 65 sh

From the Italian Kitchen

Potato Gnocchi  fried in butter with sage, shallots, white wine, chestnuts, cream, truffle oil, American cheese and chives. 58 sh

Children’s Menu

Chicken Schnitzel  served with  chips. 42 sh

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