Imagine yourself…

Breathing fresh mountain air, forget all your worries, being carried away to a world of serenity

To sit with a spa robe covering your body in a magnificent garden while listening to the birds singing

Enjoy the moment of tranquility in front of the wood fireplace
the crackling sounds of burning wood induce calm and quiet your mind and body

Breathe the fresh air,and become excited by the beauty of the Hermon Mountain white with snow and the green flowery garden.


 Nature, harmony, simplicity, tranquility, blossoming, revival
Perhaps this is what heaven looks like



Reflexology views the feet as a map of our body systems and its various organs. This treatment combines techniques of foot massage that relieve tensions and stimulate the flow of energy inside your body. Treatment aimed at specific organs and systems which mirror at healing points in the foot is available. Reflexology assists in strengthening the body, relieving tensions and inducing serenity. Reflexology’s strength as a therapy lies in assisting to solve medical problems.

Hot Stone Massage

 Specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones to warm up tight muscles so he can work on pressure points and problem areas to alleviate tension and stress. Hot stones may either be placed on the body or used as an extension of the therapist’s hands, which allows the therapist to work more deeply and more quickly.

Swedish Massage

Invigorating body massage with oils replenishes and balances the body systems, improves the flow and supply of blood to the body, helps to clear toxins from the body’s tissues, relaxes the muscles and sooths of the body.

Aromatherapy Massage

Deep tissue massage combined with Swedish massage, using aromatherapy oils.
The base oils are composed of sweet almond oil combined with sesame oil, using aromatherapy oils to suit each customer’s need. The unique combination of oils and various types of massages turns the aromatherapy treatment into a relaxing experience in particular. The massage additional qualities include relieving tension, tiredness, and various aches (back, limbs, stomach, and head) and digestive system problems.

Spa treatments should be booked in advance. A treatment can be cancelled 24  hours before treatment, after 24 hours cancellation fee of 50% will be charged

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